• iPool 3 (9x12) Portable Therapy Swimming Pool (Heater Sold Separately)

iPool 3 (9x12) Portable Therapy Swimming Pool (Heater Sold Separately)

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Brand Fitmax iPool
After years of development FitMAX Inc. is proud to introduce the iPool 3 (Infinity Pool) . The iPool 3 is taller and deeper than the iPool I (4ft of water vs 3ft) but still small enough to allow you to enjoy the latest in resistance swimming. Now available in the United States iPool 3 provides the user with hours of swimming at a lower cost with fewer chemicals and less space than a traditional swimming pool. Known as the best form of exercise to train or strengthen the cardiovascular system swimming minimizes the stress and impact on joints that typically leads to the most common muscular and spinal injuries. Unfortunately many people do not have access to swimming. FitMax introduces a low-cost alternative for people seeking low-impact high energy exercise that swimming provides. More importantly iPool 3 takes up only six square meters of space less than a minivan. iPool 3 fits almost anywhere in backyard or within the garage. iPool 3 can be assembled by 2 people in about an hour. FitMAX recommends a 8.5x11.5x 7.5ft space to install the iPool if installed indoors floor must be able to withstand ten tons of weight and have a way to drain water without damaging the property. Benefits: Weight Loss Cardiovascular Health Physical Fitness Therapy and Overall Physical Fitness!Product Dimensions
  • Height (Railing): 54in
  • Width: 7X10
  • Total Footprint including Base: 8.5ft X 11.5ft recommended 9 x12ft for installation
  • Height including overhead Support: 8 feet
  • Water Depth: 4 feet
  • Test Method: ASTM D3776 to test the durability of our products
  • Frame: Zinc Coated Galvanized Steel
  • Liner: Multilayer Vinyl Coated Polyester Mesh (Popular In River Rafts/Artificial Lake Beds)
  • Includes ladder filter pump and cover
  • $1989 $ 1530
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