• NB2030 ProSeries 15 Round - 48 Depth Metal Frame Pool

NB2030 ProSeries 15 Round - 48 Depth Metal Frame Pool

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Brand Blue Wave
Same Quality As Intex® Ultraframe Pools With A Superior Skimmer Plus™ System That Keeps This Pool Clean!

These quick-assembling affordable pools bring family fun and relaxation to any backyard. ProSeries™ pools are up to 80% stronger than other frame pools so they will withstand rigorous use. They are constructed of super durable heavy gauge PVC composite material and reinforced with an inner layer of polyester mesh for super strength (similar to river raft material). In addition to superior strength ProSeries ™ pools feature our Skimmer Plus™ filtration system. Unlike other frame pools this pool has a functioning surface skimmer that keeps your pool free from leaves and bugs. The integral cartridge and skimmer basket are easy to remove and clean. Skimmer Plus™ can accommodate 1" chlorine tablets that are added in the cartridge to keep your water clean and save. ProSeries ™ pools do not need a generator system that is expensive and very unreliable.

  • Pool Size: 15'.
  • Pool Construction Material: Soft Wall.
  • Pool Shape: Round.
  • Pool Wall Height: 48".
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